Red Tussock Grass

Chionchloa rubra

Red Tussock Grass is one of my favourites. Brilliant for seaside gardens . Companion plants could include Corokia virgata, Hebes, Cortaderia richardii, Euphorbia mellifera, Heathers, Rheums, Bergenea.

Wet or Dry conditions in full sun.  An all year rounder!

  Autumn stroll through the Exotic Garden

Seamus takes a walk through his Exotic Garden at Cluain na dTor on a windy day… following a particularly windy night.

High winds are fairly common in the North West of Donegal, especially at Cluain na dTor with views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Hence the need to establish shelter to allow less hardy plants a chance to grow.


Tips for the Winter


Plants that are not likely to survive a dose of the Winter frost should be dug up and stored in a place where they can sit out the colder months.

If you don’t have a polytunnel or greenhouse, store them at the side of the house in an area protected from the cold winds.